Investment Model

AZUZA is an equity crowd-funding platform

that provides investors of all levels with opportunities to invest in lucrative and sustainable businesses. Multiple investors, from novice individuals to established institutions, can sign up, select the business that they wish to invest in, and purchase equity in that business.
Upon achieving the full investment, the business then utilises these funds to scale, increasing their profits and delivering returns to the investor.

How it works

Our goal is to make investing as easy as possible

so all you need to do is download our app, apply for membership, browse our investment opportunities, and then choose the companies you want to be apart of. Once a project has reached its investment target, digital certificates (called digital assets or crypto tokens) are allocated to investors and the funds released to the investee to begin scaling. Dividends are paid out into your Azuza wallet as and when they are declared. Normal shares can be sold again at any stage on the Azuza platform.

Legal Structure

You invest in a dedicated company structured as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The SPV's special purpose is to  hold shares in the company you select as its only asset. Your shares are class B shares. Class B shares have no voting rights, so you don't take part in the management of the company, but it holds 100% of the economic benefit of the SPV. The SPV is managed by a board of professional directors with sole mandate to look after your investment. The SPV board has representation on the company’s board, both as shareholders and management to oversee the running of the company.

The Truth About Potential Profits

Investing in startups is RISKY BUSiness!

There is no way to sugarcoat this fact: You could - and very well might end up losing all the money you invested. That's why we say that you should only invest what you can afford to lose. 

regulatory Compliance

Azuza Wealth is a registered financial services provider (FSP: 31263). We submit ourselves to the highest form of regulatory overview and scrutiny and ensure that our investors are given detailed, clear and accurate information to reach an investment decision. It is important to realise that any investment comes with certain risk. You could end up losing your money. Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Why Blockchain?

Our platform is built on the Fraxeum Fintech Launchpad.

Managing investment accounts is a costly affair. That's why fund managers choose to work with fewer, large accounts - it takes less time and effort to manage which keeps cost and staff overhead down. Less cost means more profit. But it also means that the average South African cannot afford to invest because no-one wants to manage a R50 investment account. 

Azuza uses blockchain technology to obliterate overhead. All transaction data is stored on Fraxeum's blockchain. We use digital asset technology in ways that makes investment affordable.

A blockchain is an accounting ledger with many copies, each of which is kept on an independently managed computer. Once a transaction has been created in this ledger and confirmed it cannot be edited* which creates a layer of governance transparency never seen before. This transparency gives our investors peace-of-mind that the money is being used for what it is intended and profits are distributed fairly. By providing greater oversight into individual campaigns and reducing the amount of trust required to donate in good conscience, Azuza provides a legitimate means of funding a vast spectrum of businesses, projects, and causes while assuring trust and transparency.
*Fraxeum operates a permissioned blockchain with limited miner permissions and independent, non-affiliated administrator control. Editing the blockchain would require 80% of all admins to agree, a possible but highly unlikely scenario.


Fund management

Capital receipts are channeled from Azuza to Cannon Asset Management for safekeeping.

Section 12J

Azuza partners with Sikhula Venture Capital (Pty) Ltd to offer Section 12J tax benefits.

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Azuza Wealth is an authorised financial services provider (FSP: 31263). 
Built on FRAXEUM Technology.
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