We understand that securing venture capital or angel investment can be difficult. So, while we have access to institutional investors, our model utilises a blockchain platform to tokenise and allocate equity to a much broader investor pool, enabling us to run an equity crowd-funding model.

The Azuza Capital Raise Process

Step 1: Apply

Use the online application form to provide us with basic information about you and your business. 

Timeframe: 5mins
Cost: FREE
Application Form

Step 2: Sign NDA

If your business meets our basic criteria we'll conduct a desktop due diligence. You won't be required to send sensitive information before signing a mutual NDA.

Timeframe: ~72 hours
Cost: FREE
(Project vetting fee)

Step 3: Engage

Once we're satisfied that your business is legit and we see growth potential, we'll offer you a term sheet that sets out the details of a potential raise.

Timeframe: 7 to 14 days
Cost: Listing fees
(Listing fee)

Step 4: Raise

The capital raise is conducted over a period of 90 days. Capital raised becomes available to the business after a detailed due diligence has been completed. 
Timeframe: 7 to 14 days
Cost: Marketing expenses

Pricing guide

All pricing excludes VAT. Azuza receives up to 1% of the SPV share capital funded by a premium on the price per share.

Listing Fees

Project vetting fee: R5 000.00
Listing fee: R25 000.00
Listing fee payable after successful vetting of project.

Successful Raise Fees

Due diligence fee: R50 000.00
Successful capital raise fee: 2.5% to 6%
All ex VAT, Non-refundable.
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