Do Good. Create Wealth.

A wave of environmentally conscious investors are rising. They are people for whom financial return is as important as the positive impact that they can make on society and the planet. They are Wealth Builders. They are Planet Warriors. Azuza partners with established startups that have the potential to change the world for good. By investing in an Azuza startup, you help those entrepreneurs build a cleaner, better tomorrow. You don't have to be rich to be a game changer. Azuza lets you invest what you can afford.

You too can be a Wealth Builder. You too can be a Planet Warrior.

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Current Opportunity: Infinite Industries SPV

Reduce Plastic Waste. Create Wealth. 

Infinite Industries (Pty) Ltd is a high growth business that uses 'unrecyclable' plastic waste to produce eco-friendly construction materials. With a R150 million confirmed sales pipeline they're only getting started. They're looking for capital to scale. Own shares in an eco-tech business.

Do Good. Make Money.

Current Opportunity: Pure Organic SPV

Grow Sustainable Food Supply. Create Wealth.

Pure Organic (Pty) Ltd is a is an impact farming startup. Their fish and plant dams farming technology produces 100% organic vegetables, harvesting all year round, every four weeks. They are raising capital to scale their successful from proof of concept farm to commercial size. Own shares in a farm. 
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