Our Vision

Our vision is two fold: We want to make wealth creation affordable and we want to invest in companies that secure our collective futures.


We believe that everyone’s Rand should have the same wealth creating power.


We believe that funding and supporting sustainable businesses will lead to positive change.


We believe that giving people access to lucrative investment opportunities will help them create wealth.


We believe in a sustainable future, providing more nourishment and energy to more people, with less damage to the environment.



We believe that each person’s Rand is equal. The fact that one person has less Rands than another shouldn’t mean they are excluded from an investment opportunity. Everyone should be able to invest and grow their wealth.


We employ people that scrutinise each investment opportunity on your behalf. We then have independent analysts check and verify our team’s investment options to ensure the best possible investment opportunities for our investors.


We are uncompromising in the manner in which we conduct ourselves and our business. We believe in honesty and transparency in all of our business relationships. We believe that we have a responsibility to all of our stakeholders - our team, our investors, our partners and the world, to always act with integrity.


We pride ourselves on seeing and doing things differently. We are energetic, passionate and driven by a desire to innovate in every part of our business. Not only do we encourage change to create value, we wholeheartedly embrace it.


We hold ourselves accountable to only engage in ventures and activities that are environmentally sustainable, uplift society, and that are contributing towards a future that conserves the environment, delivers clean energy, and maximises the harvesting and manufacture of produce.

Our Management Team

Llew Morkel

Founder, Visionary

Llew is a seasoned entrepreneur and technologist. As visionary and founder of Fraxeum he leads Azuza Venture Capital and serves as board member on the Azuza Wealth SPVs.


Director (Finance)

A Chartered Accountant (CA(SA)) with a Masters in Taxation and recent MBA graduate with 9 years’ post-article experience as a Financial Manager in numerous industries.

Paresh Daya

Managing Director

His passion lies in the areas of the 4th industrial revolution, and focuses on journeying to a new financial world by building and scaling fintech businesses that are based on digital assets and blockchain.

Riana Pretorius, CFP

Chairperson, Key Individual

Riana is a certified financial professional and successful business woman. Over the past 15 years she has built a strong financial services company based in Gauteng, South Africa. Riana serve as the head of the board leading the business in matters of compliance and best practice. Riana is the Chairperson of Rotary Club (Rotary Means Business - South Africa).

Johann Peens, CFP

Director (Compliance and Regulatory)

14 years in one of the most exciting and fast changing environments being financial services and more so Employee Benefits.

Dhruv Agarwal CA (SA)

Director (Client Verification)

Dhruv is the youngest member of our executive team and a strong, process driven individual. He applies his auditing skills in leading the client business due diligence process.

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