Be An Investor, Shareholder, 
Wealth Builder, Planet Warrior.

Create wealth while supporting impact driven startups.


You are never too poor to start creating wealth. Start with R5 or R5 million. What matters is that you start.
  • Create wealth while growing food security.
  • Create wealth and save the oceans.
  • Create wealth while creating jobs.
    (Coming soon)
  • Create wealth from clean energy.
    (Coming soon)
  • Create wealth from planet saving tech.
    (Coming soon)

Investment opportunities

Right now Azuza community members have the opportunity to back two startups - Infinite Industries, a booming startup that turns waste plastic into eco-friendly building material and Puregrow, an early stage, zero carbon footprint aquaponics farm startup with phenomenal growth potential. Click on the images below for the Investor Memorandum.

Enjoy Total Shareholder Protection

You get full protection from any debt and shareholder liability. 
Your money is invested in your startup through a special company structure where you get all of the economic benefit but are protected from any legal, fiduciary and financial liability risk
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Make Bucks

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Deposit Money or Crypto

Choose Opportunity

Invest What You Can Afford

Potentially Earn Dividends

Support a Startup

Make A Difference!

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Raise Bucks
Do Good

It’s Also Simple…

Meet The Listing Criteria

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Pass DD & Get Funded

Scale Your Business

Change The World!

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Trust Through Technology 

Unlike ordinary investments you can track every cent that you deposit, invest, earn, and withdraw on the Fraxeum blockchain - a blockchain built on the original Bitcoin blockchain technology. That means, you can also see how funds flow to your companies as they meet their "investment drawdown" targets. 

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