Do Good.

Make Money.

Impact investment is all about putting your money where your heart is. 
Azuza connects you to extraordinary startup businesses that not only have great money making potential but also make a positive impact on the planet, the environment, or society. 


Invest What You Can Afford. Become a part of something exciting. Make A Difference. 

How it works

Buy tokens
Get shares
Read all you can about the startup, their product, the team, and the way they are changing the world. Understand the risk and then decide if you want to be a part of their success. 
Each token you buy is a promise of future shares. Your money is a 100% risk based contribution in support of the concept, the team and the impact that this business makes. 
A successful startup will need to raise more money in the future. This is where your tokens are converted to shares. You decide what happens next! Do you sell your shares for a profit or keep your shares and let the grow?
You can exit your investment by offering your tokens for sale on the Azuza marketplace* or by selling your shares to another investor. 
*Liquidity in the marketplace is not guaranteed.
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Enjoy Total Shareholder Protection

You get full protection from any debt and shareholder liability. 
A special company structure called an "SPV" holds the startup's shares on your behalf. Tokens get converted into SPV shares of a specific "asset class" that guarantees you all of the economic benefit* of your startup shares along with full protection from any legal, fiduciary and financial liability risk that the startup might incur.
* Your SPV shares have no voting rights.
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Do Good
Make Bucks

It’s Simple…

Deposit Money or Crypto

Choose Opportunity

Invest What You Can Afford

Potentially Earn Dividends

Support a Startup

Make A Difference!

Show opportunities

Raise Bucks
Do Good

It’s Also Simple…

Meet The Listing Criteria

Get Listed On Azuza

Raise Money

Pass DD & Get Funded

Scale Your Business

Change The World!

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Powered by blockchain

Unlike ordinary investments you can track every cent that you deposit, invest, earn, and withdraw on the Fraxeum blockchain which extends the original Bitcoin blockchain technology. 

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